Who’s responsible anyway?

by Lauren Wynn

On July 16th, in the midst of the Helsinki Summit between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the IRS and Treasury Department announced that they would be rolling back the donor reporting requirements for organizations under the 501(c)4 and 501(c)6 sections of the U.S. Tax code.

The move received modest coverage but was overshadowed by the Summit and subsequent fall-out. When claims of nefarious intentions started to fill my social media timelines and the online media outlet for which I write listed it as a story option, I decided to tackle the subject.

As a relatively well-informed member of society, I had an angle but – being the stickler for details that I am – opted for some research to support my take. Three days and forty-two-jillion browser tabs later, I found myself adjusting that angle.

The resulting article can be read here:

ANALYSIS: What Trump’s roll-back of IRS reporting requirements for non-profits means

Challenging what we think we know with a little open-minded inquiry sometimes leads to new discoveries and altered opinions. Give it a try and report back!


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